1 August, 2000


My expertise lies in the development of applications and systems for the the Internet.  Whether building a mid range application on NT with IIS, MTS and SQL Server or a clustered system running Weblogic EJB’s and JSP’s with Oracle 8i, I know the tools. 


I have been working as a contractor remotely for 3 years while continuing to work at a full time job.  I do this mostly because I enjoy continuing to apply what I know in many different areas.


My work experience has taught me to successfully manage projects from conception to implementation within a tight time-line.  I am confident in my ability to contribute to your companies’ success.



Thank you for your time.







Sahlem A. Kharaka





            California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

            Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, December ‘92

            Concentration: Design

            Various Professional Seminars:  PDC, VC, ASP, NT, SQL6.5, Java, Inet…

            Java Development with JDK1.2 – Sun Education Center ‘99

            Computer Systems Design and Architecture CU Boulder (CATECS) ‘95

            Microprocessor Applications- Front Range Community College ‘94

            Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing (GD&T) - Ball Aerospace ’93

Home Study & ref: ATL/COM(Wrox), VC++ Isapi(Wrox), Inside COM (MS Press), VB5 Business Objects(Wrox), Prof. ADO/RDS(Wrox), Prof. ASP(Wrox), DCOM & VB6(MS Press),  MTS 2.0(Sams), Java Smart Cards, Java 2 Enterprise Development, Java 2 performance and idioms guide….



Requisite Technology Inc., Interlocken Tech Center, CO

Member of Technical Staff                                                                                                (6/98-current)

In my position, I am a lead developer for the “Engine” which is used by all tools at Requisite to get data into and out of our Database Repository.  I have also built in-house tools which convert paper and electronic catalogs into XML to be loaded into a repository or sent to customers.  The “Engine” is built with Beans, JSP’s, Servlets and SQL using XML to move data.  The tools I use for the tools are VB6, VC6 & STL and COM.  I have also recently written the XML Query Spec. which is used by the Engine to parse XML documents and create SQL.  The Query Spec. was written in Java as Servlets & Beans.


*Created Beans, JSP’s, Servlets and SQL for the Engine.

*Researched and Developed eContent Creator for converting catalogs to XML with VB6 & VC6.

*Developed the XML Query Spec in Java to replace the current mechanism of querying the database.

*Researching the use of WML to create web pages for Handheld Cellular Devices.

Rodeer Systems Inc., Interlocken Tech Center, CO (Lay Off)

Software Engineer                                                                                                              (4/98-4/99)

In my position, I am a lead developer for new technologies that will give Rodeer Systems the leading edge in medical transcription.  My most recent project was developing a Medical Records application for managing medical transctiptions using our Intranet and the Internet.  The application allows physicians and hospital managers the ability to see the status of any document submitted for transcription.  When the document has been transcribed it can be viewed online immediately via Word automation using IE4.  The application is built on IIS4 with MSMQ and SQL Server 6.5.  The development tools included VC6, ATL,DCOM / RDS, VB6, ASP, DHTML and JavaScript.


*Developed the Medical Records application described above.

*Developed an internet payroll application which allows all field offices to post payroll.  The system uses the Sheridan Data Grid with RDS, MTS and DCOM to call stored procedures running on our SQL 6.5 system to gather payroll from the field locations.  The system also allows less sophisticated offices to email an Excel spreadsheet to a repository that automatically parses the spreadsheet and uploads the data to the ADP database.

*Remote Scripting (Research)– Making remote function calls from a browser to the server

*Working with MS Netmeeting SDK 4.0 for collaboration.

     TouchSource / Navidec, Lafayette, CO

Senior Software Engineer                                                                                                   (10/96-04/98)

In my position, I am lead developer for new technologies that will give Navidec the leading edge in kiosk development.  My most recent project was developing Webtouch (a browser) and WebMon (the system monitor), a touchscreen kiosk system for Intranets and the Internet.  The application maintains a connection to the internet and has a monitoring system that includes sending warning messages by email.


*Developed Webtouch for NT4 and Win95, a Web Browser for internet kiosks using VC5, WinInet, Inet SDK,  and Netmeeting SDK.

*Developed the Webtouch Monitor which maintains an active connection to the Internet, communicates the kiosk status and statistics via e-mail, has batch capabilities, and has a security module to restrict users from accessing the system.

*Use of the Win32 API in development to maximize the performance of VB5 applications.

*Developed a diagnostic application using Java for the UI which calls native methods from DLL’s I wrote in VC5 to monitor printers, modems, card readers, system resources and other peripherals.

*Developed ActiveX controls for kiosk system diagnostics, FTP and web site caching using

Visual C++ versions 4 and 5, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and VB5.

*Designed and administered a 30 machine Intranet running Windows 95 with Microsoft Personal Web Server version 1a, Windows NT Server with Internet Information Server version 4.0 and ODBC.

*Created Java applets for the Colorado State University kiosk using Symantec Café 2.0.

*Proficient with Web programming languages such as Active Server Pages, VBScript, JavaScript and the Internet Database Connector.

*Develop complex installations for CD’s & the Web using InstallShield 5.1 and “Package for the Web” which make registry changes, register needed DLL’s and OCX’s, create custom folders, display license agreements and request serial numbers.


Software Engineer                                                                                                                    (4/96-10/96)

My primary responsibility as Software Engineer was to introduce Touchsource Inc. to kiosks developed for the Windows 95 and NT environments.  I also installed a Windows NT 4.0 network server to enhance collaboration and allow us to share files with the Macintosh systems in the office.


*Used ODBC for all projects using SQL Server.

*Developed an HTML generator for ODBC databases using Visual C++ 4 & 5 and MFC.

*Developed a kiosk messaging system for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons conferences using Visual Basic 4 & 5.  This system included a wireless LAN and five touchscreen kiosks.


     Product Knowledge Inc., Boulder, CO (Part Time)

Software Engineer                                                                                                                      (9/96-4/97)

Working at Product Knowledge I was exposed to the exciting world of startup companies.  I enjoyed working with a group of engineers to develop a new line of software products.


*Developed a help desk authoring application for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  This application uses a Windows Explorer style interface including drag & drop to allow users to visually develop database content.  It was written using Visual C++ 4.2 , MFC and ODBC.

*I helped design their Web Page that included an ISAPI DLL that allows users to complete a form and submit it via e-mail.


     Lifecare International, Westminster, CO

Quality Engineer (ISO 9001)                                                                                              (4/95-4/96)

As Quality Engineer, I was responsible for ensuring vendors were capable of meeting product specifications, providing our quality assurance personnel with product test procedures and approving any product changes.  I developed test systems using software and hardware to automate the final testing of medical products. 


*I developed and documented automated tests for products using data acquisition and Visual Basic versions 3 and 4.

*I participated on the New Product Development Team as the Quality Engineer for products such as the BXP 200, the Imperial Oxygen Concentrator and the Nasal Mask.

*Member of the Engineering Change Review Board that is responsible for approving all engineering changes to existing products.




Manufacturing Engineer                                                                                                            (2/93-4/95)

My primary responsibility as a Manufacturing Engineer was to make design changes to current products and automate manufacturing to save the company money and simplify manufacturing.  I was also responsible for building electro-mechanical tools used in the manufacturing of products.


*Developed computerized assembly procedures using Visual Basic with ACAD R13 and OLE2.0.

*Developed an application that automated the calibration of the PLV Ventilator  which saved money.

*Performed failure analysis including vibration, environmental chambers, HALT and HASS.

*FDA & ISO documentation including all aspects of testing, production, software and ECO’s.

*Supervised production personnel for prototype builds.


     Xtree, San Luis Obispo, CA

System Operations Analyst and Programmer                                                                          (2/91-2/93)

*Researched and developed industrial equipment for operations.

*Developed and documented quality control software to test floppy disks using C++ for DOS.



Playing with our son and new daughter, playing with new technologies, fishing and camping.